Eye exams, EYE GLASSES, and  CONTACT LENSES in San Diego

***Receive a Free Trial Pair of Contact Lenses with your Exam***

        *Soft contacts only 

Did you know wearing the wrong sized contact lenses is not only uncomfortable but also unhealthy for your eyes?

Here at Dr. Selby's, we take the time to make sure that the contact lenses you leave with are the correct lenses for your eyes. Your eyes will be professionally measured, a specific lens will be recommended, and you'll be able to try on a trial pair. 

Have you never worn contact lenses before? Have no fear! Our office staff is trained and has years of experience teaching people of all ages how to properly put-in, take-out, and take care of contact lenses.

Dr. Selby is the top private practice retailer of contact lenses in San Diego - and there's a reason for that. Great prices and exceptional service!

Contact Lens Fitting