Eye exams, EYE GLASSES, and  CONTACT LENSES in San Diego

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Online scheduling

Contact lens exams include everything our basic eye glass exams cover, with the addition of finding you the perfect fitting contact lenses.

Is this your first experience with contact lenses? Dr. Selby and associates will ease your fears by answering your questions and addressing your concerns. You'll be taught how to care for contacts properly and how to put contacts in your eyes effortlessly and pain free.

Standard Contact Lens Exam: $94 (includes free trial pair of soft contact lenses)

Bifocal and Toric Exam: $109 (includes free trial pair of soft contact lenses)

RGP Exam: $109 (discount packages available)

Your eye health matters! Current recommendations are to have your eyes checked by a professional once per year. Our exams include checking for myopia (nearsighted), hyperopia (farsighted), astigmatism, gluacoma, and overall eye health. After your eye exam, you'll be able to choose from a largest selection of eye glass frames in San Diego. Click Here to see how we professionally fit your new glasses.  

Eye Glasses Exams: $65

Contact Lens Exams

Eye Glasses and Eye Health Exams

We value your loyalty as a patient, and therefore choose to make your experience here exceptional. Whether you need bifocal glasses, toric contacts, or just want to make sure your eyes are healthy, you are ensured personalized service in a comfortable atmosphere, unlike any other San Diego optometry office.

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